James Brown

CEO & Founder

James Brown is the CEO & Founder of Powerfulmining. He is actively managing the operations and financial aspects of the company. He has great marketing and eCommerce sales knowledge and skills.

His mission is:
To create sucessful online merchants.
To alleviate the need for initial investment when starting up.
To educate all online merchants, how to start a successful online store and how to manage it.
To create an easy-to-use eCommerce software, which can be used by anybody, even without any special skills.
To help our online merchants in driving more customers and orders, using the best marketing tools.


Totleben Blvd. Ν53-55 city of Sofia -PK.1606


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Bratu Vasile

Trading & Financial manager

Bogdan Vasiliu

Marketing & Advertising manager

Sebastienne Müller

Marketplace & Design Manager

Edona Gashi

PR & Customer Support